Saturday, September 12, 2015

Making it up

We found a little Zen fusion restaurant, completely out of place in the Poconos, vegan. I said to Genevieve, doesn't it sometimes seem like you are making up the landscape as you go? On the menu was coconut oatmeal, which we had just had ourselves that morning.

Also Sophia said well she was on the trail, "I'm brave like Miyazaki." Recorded this on my phone but it got translated into, "I'm brave like me a Rocky." I thought that was a pretty good mistranslation, but then when we got to zen fusion place I noticed that Rocky was playing on the flatscreen and it all fell into place. Making it up as we go.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Utter Bliss of listening to Caspar babypants and then vampire weekend in the car on the way to Amanda and Bill's. And the exquisite blue and pink colors over the lake. The stars. The weird sculptures. 

And then reading Bone, the comic book, to the girls. 

Wondering how to fully enjoy myself when so much else is wrong. And then thinking maybe the greatest wrong might be to miss all this beauty right in front of me. No, the beauty, as great and good as she is, is not the whole truth.