Wednesday, May 11, 2016

4th D, thirsting

Wow that's great - l am moving mountains here - we are out of this house by the 15 of wrote:

this just happened

I was sending a message to Thurston Moore, letting him know that I wanted to get my book Wherewithal to him, edited by Anselm Berrigan. What I really wanted was to ask him to help me with my Sound and Vision project, but since he doesn't know me from Adam, I thought I'd lead with the book. He said he'd be at Anselm's reading tonight and I could give it to him there. That's an interesting coincidence right there. And I'm going to throw in the fact that Thurston and Anselm read almost exactly in the same tone. Sometimes I think Thurston copped his style from Anselm, but I know it's probably mutually borrowed. But there's an unmistakable connection once you hear it. I told Thurston I couldn't make it, but would send one along. Then I said, "as an aside, if you have HBO watch Magnolia again. I just finished re-watching it right now, and so it is lying heavy on me, which is why I'm mentioning it. The different ways the catharsis happens for each character within a single song is genius. Cheers and keep up the good work." I felt a little odd about even saying that, not wanting to come across as overly eager to such a superstar. Right as I had that thought the closing song of Magnolia began to play, "Save me," by Aimee Mann, and I heard the melodic opening strain of the Carpenter's song "Superstar" embedded in middle of the Aimee Mann song "Save Me" that closes the movie. Crazy. Sweet touch. It's at 3:02:00. In my mind I immediately heard Thurston Moore's cover of that same song in my mind. It broke through the fourth dimension. And of course that movie is in part about infidelity, which Thurston is now famous for. And if he watches the movie again he may wonder why I suggested it to him. And even the poem in the book dedicated to Thurston is secretly about infidelity. And he may wonder about that too. And my friend is going through a similar struggle, and we all do to some degree or other, and I'm trying to understand.

On the way reading I read in my own book A line with resonance, but am collapsing. Oh something about hearing and seeing something great, especially at once."

Then the reading, great, then signing the book and the best conversation. 

Next sound and vision.


/)dam I)eGraff

Poetry rodeo, 4th dimension

Staying in air bnb in Jamaica Plain Mass. The place has some juju, some magic. Owned by artists. Lots of little details, like awesome toys for girls, crazy rabbit fur soft comforters etc. came across this poem in the guest book. Ah, typed, nice. Then when I saw the "poetry rodeo" and remembered that was the name of the poets who has transformed my cousin Mike DeGraff's life.

After Mike's divorce, at a real low point,  he came across these guys, part of a work thing he was involved in. He decided to get a poem from them. The poem they wrote for him on the spot is a beauty, see below. I love the way it ends with such heavy rhyme on the word "divide," a word so poignantly rife with double meaning. Mike was so inspired by this poem, this new lease on life, that he had it tattooed on his arm. I still had the pic Mike sent on my phone and I pulled it out to compare. The signature was the same. 

Must be pretty long odds I'd come across a second poem from this posse in Jamaica Plain Mass, so far from Austin TX. 

"Coming together..."

Room service stories: will smith

That's rich. I dig "fail forward." Thx for the story. I met him for the briefest moment in the late nineties when I was working room service in SF. Took to his room two glasses of wine and a cheese and fruit plate. He didn't answer the door, But I kept trying, even calling his room. Normal protocol would be to leave the tray inside, but I was hesitant to do do considering his celebrity. I knocked a last time and then put the electronic key in the lock. I heard someone rushing to the door. Then the door opened just a crack and there was a shadowy Will Smith. He stuck his head out and told me in an exasperated and slightly impatient manner to leave the tray outside."  In flagrante dilecto. No tip, but a good laugh at least. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

perfect mother's day

Another magical weekend to add to the mix.

Friday a wordless conversation with Melissa Ivey with waves of good vibrations.

Sofia's school mate Martin's party at the Dojo Saturday and all the beautiful kids and parents, all the fun.

Then Saturday night danced hard to DJ/Rupture (Jayce Clayton.) And long warm conversation with Anne Waldman.

Then after reading a conversation on the train ride home with stranger. A yoga instructor named Angela. Went deep.   

Then today for Mother's Day a walk around Swan Lake, beauty everywhere, followed by best Greek food ever at San Torini restaurant in Sleepy Hollow followed by the unbelievable Marc Chagall and Matisse windows at Pocantico Hills Church.

Perfect Mother's Day.