Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Poetry rodeo, 4th dimension

Staying in air bnb in Jamaica Plain Mass. The place has some juju, some magic. Owned by artists. Lots of little details, like awesome toys for girls, crazy rabbit fur soft comforters etc. came across this poem in the guest book. Ah, typed, nice. Then when I saw the "poetry rodeo" and remembered that was the name of the poets who has transformed my cousin Mike DeGraff's life.

After Mike's divorce, at a real low point,  he came across these guys, part of a work thing he was involved in. He decided to get a poem from them. The poem they wrote for him on the spot is a beauty, see below. I love the way it ends with such heavy rhyme on the word "divide," a word so poignantly rife with double meaning. Mike was so inspired by this poem, this new lease on life, that he had it tattooed on his arm. I still had the pic Mike sent on my phone and I pulled it out to compare. The signature was the same. 

Must be pretty long odds I'd come across a second poem from this posse in Jamaica Plain Mass, so far from Austin TX. 

"Coming together..."

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