Monday, October 14, 2013

Dream of dream (after Mike KElley)

Lste afternoon asking Matthew about his plans (he's going to Marley's soccer game) eventually turns into Late night drunken wandering where I run into random friends. 

Diandra tries to get me to go to another party. We talk about surfing and i picture her entering the wave. My brother jeremy too.

Someone else i run into is performing. 

Then i run nto Katy Lederer and she is also performing later. Singing, she is glowing.

 As I I am talking to Katy I realize I am dreaming.  Everyone is delirious and happy but I am sad that the night- the dream- LIFE is ending.

 I am saying goodbye to people  I love knowing that when I wake up it is a kind of death. The death of the dream. 

Then I wander into a pizza joint . Fucking James Franco shows up drunk. I want to tell him to snap out of it and REMEMBER this this LIFE. I know he will be gone in a flash. He smiles and says smell that? I tAke in the smell. Pizza I say (and think, yes he gets it!)  No, he says, it smells like shit. his face cHanges to a scowl. I can smell it as soon as he says it. and I think NO James you can CHOOSE what you smell! This is just a dream this life!

 Another friend shows up drunk. He's a mess.  I try to involve him in a plan to help him out, some kind of scheme we cAn do together. But then He leaves in a car with a bunch of fools  and I realize it is no use with him. 

It's okay, just a dream.

I wake myself up.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Magic in a streak. I've noticed that they come that way. Why I don't know. My dad is visiting. Maybe that's why.

Finding the coffee table yesterday, just what we needed. And then deciding to buy a second copy of Dissidents Gardens at Jonathon Lethems reading today, as a gift to a friend. Finding a $20 bill in the book later. So the gift was immediately returned to me by the universe!

Dissident Gardens text place in New York Sunnyside where I have just moved to. It is full of the dream of lost community. And yet it is ironic because that is where I am finding community now. After the reading I saw several people from Sunnyside Gardens and the gardener who tends the community garden behind the Sunnyside Gardens. I said to them you are the real distant garden. They all laughed. And it was a golden moment.