Friday, August 5, 2011

It is 2011 already and I brother just shared some trainwreck in the basement talking about how to make a movie work. Now dusk is settling and Flamenco Maestro Rene Heredia is playing a blinding song full of duende, no dancers required. The dancers will emerge in new dresses at the denouement of this song, stamping into the next. Maya is studying how to make an origami flamenco dancer. I am writing a sonnet to the dancers. The duende gets inside and raises the blood, from the ground up, makes the heart beat faster, brings on the wild opposite of all repression and death. Lorca is her name. Lorca Silencia Oro de Selville Square in downtown Kansas City. Well, this is the center of the universe, Arvada, CO, who would have guessed. At least who needs to be anywhere else when you are sharing a show with a few hundred friends, all transfixed by the dancers, the dancers transfixed to the music, in rhythm with the one guitar.

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