Monday, December 19, 2011

Root Canal On The Moon

Strange morning.

First root canal. Since I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week I decided to take a percoset before I went in. I also asked for Nitrous Oxide. The combination made me sick and I had to ask for them to stop it half way through the root canal. It was a hellish feeling. The Christmas music sounded terrible to my ears, nauseating. I also had flashbacks of the horrifying movie I saw last night, Wit, about a woman dying painfully of cancer. Fears were unlocked and drowning me. I needed oxygen.

Then when I got home I crawled in bed and for comfort turned on a movie. The movie I found on Netflix was Castaway On The Moon, a highly rated Korean movie. I watched the movie with Sofia on my lap. The movie was so beautiful, enchanting, one of the best movies I've ever seen.

So I went from a deep low to a beautiful ecstasy in the space of an hour.

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