Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long epic day and too tired to get much of it down (occupational hazard). Dragon boat races with Sofia and Lucia and Gen. Then head to the D Note for Red Cross fire victim benefit and get to dance with Sofia to the Clam Daddys. Then home for nap. Then back to D Note. Monica gives me cute lady bug dress and game called Alphabet Squiggle for the girls. Maryn and Marley rock "We Will Rock You" on the drums in the D Note basement. Then picked up Dante and took him to ball park, watched a random game and yelled encouragement to random kids. After game we put together a funny little parkour film in the ballpark, with sound effects. Dante also helped me plot out the next few chapters of my Secret Universe novel as he practiced driving his great grandfather's Crown Vic around a giant parking lot. Then I head back to D Note (again!) to hear great set by punk irish band Big Paddy. Old friend Bennett comes in and catches me up with his life. I tell him the long strange story of Analucia's name. He gives me a bag of cassette tapes for my car, which includes the Royal Trucks album THANK YOU.

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