Monday, May 5, 2014

Big day w girls

We had to move the car because of Monday street cleaning so we went to spring blooming Central Park. At Central Park we went to the reservoir where we met a nice birdwatcher and used her $300 binoculars to look at the duffle head ducks, wood ducks and Double-breasted cormorants. awesome. The birdwatcher, a beautiful red headed bird herself, also alerted me to the fact that there were black-and-white warblers in the park on migration right now. She had just taken a class with one of the Central Park birdwatchers from the Netflix movie. I would love to get a good shot of one of those warblers. then We ended up at 96 street playground for awhile. then try to go to the met but it was closed for special events so went to see the futurist exhibit at the Guggenheim instead. I loved it. The Carrie Mae Weems show there was good too. Ah NY!

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