Friday, February 12, 2016

chpter 2

There's not much difference between this and a poem. But there is a difference. Proust didn't write poetry. Because sometimes you think in prose. What's the difference? Spend the rest of your life with this question.

For instance, here's one called

chapter 2

I had amazing moment just now talking to the Apple Care guy. I called him after getting as high as a kite on my meditation. He was in business mode, but he seemed really eager to help. It turned out it wasn't a problem he could help me with, but we kept talking. We talked about the weather. It was as natural as it was awkward. Should I start talking to him about the poet I was reading, Sampson Starkweather, I wondered? See how far I can take it. No, just enjoy the process off him trying to help me, trying to understand the complexity of my problem, and offering possible solutions. This weird thing happened though, in which a human connection was forged that transcended the business at hand. At the end, when there was nothing more he could possibly say, there was a hesitation, and I swear he had a wistful tone in his voice when he was saying goodbye. It is so clear in moments like this what awareness means. That thing that connects us. We never call each other up anymore just to talk.

Then I had to call back Apple back again. Because I forgot my second order of business, to cancel my iCloud. This time, as soon as told them I wanted to cancel a service of course, I got put on hold. For a long time. Fortunately they were playing really good background music. A band called Milky Chance. And I picked up my acoustic guitar and played a pretty stellar guitar solo. I was feeling it. That's called whistling while you wait.
But in the end I had to wait for 17 minutes! Just to cancel a $3 a month service. Where's your care there, Apple?
But besides the guitar solo, I also wrote all of this during that time.
Ah they're back. Finally.
 "...I understand that you want to cancel the service. I would too."   ???  "Before we go forward I just need to ask you some questions to verify your account."
"What was your childhood nickname.
"I didn't have one."
"Uh, well, what would you have put there?"
"I don't know. Bean pole?"
"Okay, just a moment."
MORE going on hold.
"Sorry, my system is slow today. We've got you all taken are of. Thank you, have a nice day"

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