Thursday, February 9, 2017

garbanzo beans (of matthew's proper cake)

garbanzo bean (of matthew's proper cake) a la bean spasms 

Pointing Out The Moon

Today Alex Cory visiting, we read Elizabeth Bishop's "Moth-man" on the 7, noting wherein she points out the differences between the real and fake moon. Then went to MOMA and watched the first 15 minutes of Enter The Dragon, in red stained glass font, Bruce Lee says the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon. Going upstairs and catching as much as we can of Picabia's catch as catch can moon. And then wandering over to Chelsea to watch Moonlight at the Angelika theater, so sweet. All so so sweet.

note perfet timing for Enter The Dragon. 4pm. "Accidentally" walked in the wrong door and it was the film department of MOMA and it was just starting. And it was perfect, sooo gooood. That's the kind of thing that happens if the cake is proper.

2.  Kith & Kin reading. Was deeply into the now of the music as we played for an audience of 21 at the SculptureCenter, with Bob Rosenthal reading his wonderful Ode to Agism. Then afterward one of the readers, Annabel Lee tells Tyler and I that she published Ted Berrigan's Train Ride, which is an important book for both of us. And Ted's son Edmund was sitting right next to us. Tyler even wrote a paper on the book in college.

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