Saturday, July 22, 2017


(for Man)
So many dirigibles of musical windwaves
wallowed in the breeze tonight
sunnyside up like poet trees
hands of wood
wooden wands
wandering the ways
for centuries in the future
of already eternity
(In this space several verses were lost,
which ended
I believe
I'm moving away from myself)
I'm all the way on the spectrum,
or was, or can be, in a dream last night
I was clapping along to Zenen Zeferino
and Julia Del Palacio, both of whom I am
in love with, I mean those names alone
make me swoon.
And Oh My Goddess
Paolo Javier was there
By far the youngest ever
Queens Poet Laureate
a wizard with words
His second child still on the way
He graced our play
with his name
Paolo Javier
Say it all night
Radio Jarocho too, the way Julia
said it, rolling the rrrrs, rrrradiohairrrrocho,
the blue dress, the voice aloft & loose
in the wisps of rain on the last refrain
we couldn't believe it was true. Through.
Richard Joo was there and Quinn O'Sullivan
Marco Battisto and Diana Dimutru
The representatives were out in force
Jaime Sweetman rocking that sweet Liverpudlian brogue,
plus Argentinian, Indian, Morrocan tongues too, to name a few.
So many blessings in diguise, especially that moment
when the sound went awry -feedback on the monitors- and Julia
decided to take the band off the system,
walked off the stage and into the crowd
circled everyone around her and played sans sound
the sudden intimacy, everyone clapping,
every one completely under the spell of the evening
as if the feeback was just for that
And then, there it was, the coup de grace
The rhythms of Julia's feet
dancing with Amoa's djimbe
Amoa from Akoko Nante
the band that played previously
came back up for the encore
the two cultures riffing rhythmically
back and forth in perfect synchrony
Amoa from Akoko Nante
Say it with me
Say it outloud
Amoa from Akoko Nante
Julia Del Palacio
and Zenen Zeferino
More pleasing words you will not find

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