Friday, September 2, 2011


New Life As Video Game Strategy

you spend points when you power up (get high)
you save points when you power down (refrain)
trick is to make them work for each other,
spend points on worthy occasions, for best bang,
like a friend coming over, a dance, a poem.
Save points (refrain) for extra bang when you spend.
As an added bonus you get a new clarity of mind
when you save. Plus beautiful dreams.

Yesterday I saved and though it cost me
a flashing moment of frustration, it gained
me the following dream: I was teaching HS,
taking over for a fellow teacher who was leaving.

The teacher had assigned a massive project
to brilliant hardworking students. They handed
into me their gargantuan piles of work and I knew
it would take me weeks to get through. But I
didn't care. I was excited. The kids had obviously
put the best of themselves in the projects. One
kid even had bloody cuts on his back. Several

were in bands. That was a dream worth saving
for. The saving also gave me extra points to spend
this morning, which I traded in to hang out with
Alejandro. For this extra saving I got several rewards:

I thought of an opera that I want to write with Alejandro,
called "Space Warriors" about a future in which robots and
men have colonized separate planets to keep the peace between
them. A robot invades the human planet to spy,
casing the planet. Meanwhile he falls in love with a woman.
This interrupts the peace between the two planets, escalating
into an all out space war between robots and humans.

I was also rewarded with this post. Next I will clean
and pack for our trip to L.A. which will be extra fun.
Finally I will dance and work up a sweat. Then I will
go back to saving!

it might even be possible to save for your entire life and spend it all on death.

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