Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yoga this morning at D Note with Jeremy and I playing bhajans. Good to look out and see Monica, Maryn and Marley in Sivasana.

Then Harvest Fest w/ Maryn and the big slide.

Next Costco. I love the food samples. This morning a full lunch, clam chowder, Indian lentils, strawberry yogurt, Tang, Smoothie, Mahi Mahi, Honey crusted chicken, Veggie sausage on a roll, peanut butter chocolate.

I love that Cosco employs so many older ladies to give out samples.

I love the dance of the heavy carts in a busy Cosco. You have to think physics so you can keep the cart going through crowd without losing momentum. It is a tricky game.

Then home and lunch and The U.S. Open. Serena Williams versus Siosur. Serena lost a point because of a late grunt rule. She was so angry that she came back and began to dominate Siosur. She took her anger and used it as fuel. Gotta wonder about the healthiness of that. Wouldn't it encourage more anger?

I find myself getting emotional during sports, especially women's sports. Strange.

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