Thursday, October 20, 2011

Epic Night

read poetry at cafe near frcc. just happened to be during my literature class, so i required the class be there. i read EPIC PORTAL POEM and sang paeon, pumpkin seeds, i feel tractor, bay of poets, wildwood holler and the halloween song.

preceding me, as a surprise, was my prize student from last semester. he told the audience that the poetry he was reading was inspired by my class. It was his first reading ever. He dressed hippie chic, all in white, hippie sheik. he was great.

then afterward offered a job at frcc for real money. yes!

finally listening to great bands at D Note, Antiquia, from S.F. and dancing late night.

finally finally listening to epic halloween practice from night before last while writing this. so good. life is richer than i generally feel comfortable talking about.

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