Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holy Dream

-- 4 am. The holy hour. I just woke from a "Mother Of The Universe" dream. To work backwards, from the end of the dream to the beginning. The wonderful phrase I awoke upon was "You must expoo to expand" or "To expand you must expoo". Expoo was a"made up" verb from my dream which meant "to stretch". This was referring back to these very strange and beautiful black metallic trees that were elongated in beautiful fluidly moving shapes, with pointed cat-like fingernail tips at the end. There were a grove of these trees at the entrance to my step-father's mansion. (In the dream I had a step-father.) One of the elongated tips cleverly pulled away from the door of the ancient mansion as you entered. The interior of the mansion was very modern and sleek. I walked upstairs to the kitchen area and the door to the kitchen was pushed shut from inside just as I reached the top of the stairs. My step-father must be busy I thought and he doesn't want to be disturbed. So I went downstairs. Earlier I had been trying to think of a second part to a lesson that I wanted to "teach" my friends who were devotees of Amma (mother of the universe.) This was downstairs. I was "reaching" for a way to tell it and I stepped into a net-like womb in the closet and began to push against the netting with my hands and feet frantically. I said something to the effect that this was one way to stretch, but that it should be relaxed, on purpose, fun. And I began to do a kind of dance inside the net, an exercise of sorts. I slowed it down to slow-motion so that was easier and then I sped it up again. This is what led to the idea of "expoo to expand" and then the elongated trees. This was the second part of the lesson. I don't remember the first part of the lesson I was trying to "reach", the first part of the dream. But it was the thing you become by "expooing". It feels as if it were a kind of round lake, with the warm water reaching all the contours of its own roundness perfectly, like a womb.

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