Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Ended up dancing back from Starbucks, to the gorillas the sites which I happened across some haphazard way oh yes through the poet such and such is Spotify page what's her name sister something she's fabulous and thick.

But I was so deleted from my writing tonight, first of children's short story and then if you chapters and my young adult novel, that my desk was extra charged almost machine like precision. Although I still let my freak flag fly pretty hot.

But then walking out of Starbucks and conditions to the comfort zone of hell, first level., And into the sweltering sweaty heat of heaven. Priceless. Mike priceless. Make priceless.

It all started when I walked out of Starbucks, no before that with Matthews cakes. Crones. But then walking out Starbucks, the air-conditioned world, into the sweltering sweaty night. Priceless.

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