Monday, August 5, 2013


This morning dancing down Queens Boulevard towards the city. Just trying to dance among people comfortably. Yesterday my Liverpudlian neighbor Jamie stopped us as we were leaving and asked were you running earlier today? I said probably. He said, and were you dancing? As he said he went into a little dance. This made my wife and her sister laugh. So he hammed it up and danced a little more. I think my wife was embarrassed and impressed at the same time. Ha!

This morning African Internet Radio. AIR. I have been listening to the station for a long time and every once in a while they give me a magnificent Set. That is what I got this morning. A mix of African dance music and club music. "It's Will I Am and Britney bitch."

I have a surreal glide son where people just disappeared and the music was everything and took me into the beyond

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