Sunday, August 4, 2013

funny how that works

My sister in law is staying with us for a few months. Because she goes to mass it means Sofia wants to go which means Genevieve goes. So an unforseen consequence of having Catherine stay with us is that our Sunday mornings are now given over to mass.

I have issues with the Catholic Church anyway, so was grousing about this to my brother Matthew on the phone while walking back from the church with Lucia on my shoulders. He said, "You'll find that's it is good to have your kids raised with some kind of religious education." I said, "Yeah, maybe, but I didn't choose THAT one."

Right as I said "THAT" I walked into a rock on the curb and gashed my toe open. 

It felt like such a brutal, funny reminder that I don't get to choose. It was a reminder not to judge someone else's path. It felt like the universe zen master whacking me with a stick.

I am always amazed at how the universe lines up like that? Like, was I subconsciously aiming for the rock? Or did the rock just so happen to be there because the universe is really 4 dimensional, with everything connected by angles to everything else?

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