Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm not sure how it happens that we acquired so much magic this weekend on Cape Cod. Today we went to the Wellfleet Oyster Festival, whichjust happen to be going on this weekend in Wellfleet.. There was a kid-area where the girls...danced to a fun band, played dress-up, jumped around in a bouncy house, got cotton candy, balloon animals and their face painted. Free. On the way out of town we stopped at a little store that sold little works of art. We bought an oyster shell painted to look like a pirate for Gen's dad. The woman seemed to be charmed by Sofia, who was ooh-ing and ah-ing over the fairie houses, and gave her a little vial of fairy dust, with a little pewter fairy hanging from it.  Sofia said that she needed one for her sister too who was outside with Mom, and so the woman gave one for Lucia as well. Wow. I told Sofia that you could tell it was real magic because the woman had given it to us as a gift. I told her we would have to find special ways to use the fairy dust. She said we could use it to sprinkle on birthday presents for our friends. then Gen went into a store along the way and told the woman behind the counter that she loved the plants out front. So the woman went outside and made for cuttings of the different plants and gave them to Genevieve. A fantastic gift that will keep on giving. 

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