Friday, October 17, 2014

Plan C

we are on our way up to Provincetown for the weekend. Our plan A for today -going to a cranberry bog- was foiled when we found out the tours were full. Our plan B -going to the aquarium in Woods Hole- was squashed when we found out it was closed for renovations. We did not have a plan C, so we just stopped at the base of Cape Cod to eat lunch at a little restaurant in Wareham, MA. We noticed at the restaurant there was a separate counter where you could rent kayaks and canoes. So we spontaneously rented a canoe and then took it out to a wondrously pristine spring-fed body of water called Tihonet Pond. We set out into the trance-inducing patterns of sun playing on water, which I have been craving ever since I watched Darin Stevenson's video essay about liquid sentience called "scare the rectangles III" on YouTube. There are blue herons flying over our head, black snapper turtles with orange trim sunning on rocks and glowing white swans. We paddle the canoe until we are gliding parallel with a swan. I watch him and revel in the way the bright white shows up against the scrolling background of orange, red and yellow leaves on the bank of the lake. Turns out no plan was the way to go today.

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