Sunday, January 25, 2015

So it was a perfectNew York weekend. Went with the girls to the Brooklyn Museum on Friday then Saturday watched Mary Poppins at home with the girls Saturday night went to see Hedwig and the angry inchwe went to dinner at dodgy before hand and then lamb. On the way from dinner we met up with Genevieve's chic boss. Then met friends who had just seen Hedwig 7 o'clock. Then Sunday went to see Anselm and Eileen miles read. Fell in love with both of them afterward. And love. Life almost too perfect. Had awakened me, almost as amazing as that!

Let me try that again.

This is about gratitude, no?

I always want to share the amazing thing.

I don't know why. I'm trying to learn to just share it with myself. Because really, no one else is experiencing the amazing thing. And why should anyone else necessarily care.

So, get this though.

Thurs I took the girls to The Brooklyn Museum. Best day of my life. So boring without being there. And I could write my ass off trying to get you there and not sure if it would come close.

The reading tonight, Anselm Berrigan and Eileen Myles. SOOO much happened to me before the reading, during the reading and after. Just really a volume or two. Could it possibly matter?

Here's one thing. An old problem area, re-examined. I listened to Anselm and Eileen on the floor. After the reading this beautiful young girl sitting next to me on the floor turned to me and said, "Those were the perfect seats."

-Oh, watching the reading from the floor? Yeah, right, especially when Eileen got up on the chair.

-Yeah, it was like she was talking down through the clouds. Is that a sky light up there?

-I don't know, if it was its been boarded up.

"Here, have a sip of liquid courage," hands me her drink. I take a sip. Wonder if I need any courage?

She says, I had a sky light growing up in my room

-that must have been amazing, to see the clouds and stars and sun and moon above your bed.


-and there was Eileen Myles reading poems from above the clouds.

-yeah, and I baked a loaf of Challah this morning and it was cloud shaped


On and on like that, with that kind of flow and rhythm and excitement.

She lured me in further. Tells me a story about liking older guys.

But I didn't go there, because I'm not dumb.

She was 23, half my age, she pointed out. I said I'm double you. She made a W sign with her hands.

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