Monday, February 2, 2015

barnes treasures

Top five highlights from the Barnes Foundation collection in Philadelphia.

7.  Cezanne's Leda and The Swan painting, the way she is listlessly in the power of the swan, the swaths of rectangular blues making up the roundness of her body.  

6. Picasso's sublime painting, Peasants.

5. Van Gogh's Postman. The way the swirls in the beard matched the wallpaper. The way the uneven eyes showed the sympathy of and for the man. The way it wasn't a portrait of someone rich or royal.

4. The never-before-seen Rousseau paintings, especially the poetic narrative of "The Unpleasant Surprise."

3. De Chirico's Swan. The psychedelic cartoon swan amidst the bland workaday table.

2. The spatial hallucinatory effects of Rubens, "The incarnation as fulfillment of all the prophecies."

1. Titian's panoramic landscape in "The Sleeping Shepherd" and especially the boy waking up in the middle.

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