Sunday, May 24, 2015

Light show

Today I was laying down in a gently rocking docked boat belonging to my father-in-law, listening to Vivaldi on the boat's sound system and riding along on the vibrant rollercoaster of strings. I had a straw hat covering my face and through the holes of the hat were streaming pinpoints of light. Inside those pinpoints I could see tiny worlds full of soft blurry irridescent pastels. At first I thought I was just imagining that these swirls of color were dancing in time to the music, but then as I watched a little more closely I saw I wasn't imagining this at all, that the floating sea of lights really were vibrating in rhythm to the varying pulses inside the piece. I realized the loud music that was coming from speakers about 3 feet away on either side of my head was creating sound waves that were pushing the air above my head and in turn affecting the light as it was streaming through the tiny magnifying apertures in the hat. It was a spectacular natural light show.

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