Thursday, May 28, 2015

When Marnie Was There

The evening was a date night, serendipitously, all Japanese. We started by shopping for clothing staples at Uniqlo, then we went to IFC theater to see the final Studio Ghibli film "When Marnie Was There" is the most exquisitely beautiful film I've yet seen. It has the breadth and depth of the most enchanting summer vacation you could imagine all somehow compressed into two hours. And it's also a master lesson in psychological acuity.

(Marnie, connected in my head with Marley, Maryn and Maya. Like the movie was written for Maya. And Hitchcock's Marnie too.)

Afterward we googled best Sushi in the area and were lead to an incredible place called Neta. Perfect.

A perfect night followed by a perfect day seeing the new Whitney with Catherine and the girls, followed by another perfect night, a reading at Marlene's with Kristen Gallegher and Joanna Sondheim.

Followed by a weekend in CT. Yeesh, what a life. 

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