Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last night we were at the Father's Day camp out in Sunnyside Gardens Park, watching ET. In two minutes span of the movie there are references to Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Invaders, Sesame Street and Jaws. Spielberg's cross reference with his own film Jaws is subtle. Elliot is playing with a toy grabber, a shark on the end of the stick. I remembered seeing one of these before, in the 80's movie The Sure Thing, where John Cusack picks. One up on his way into Daphne's unique is college dorm roomwas Shirleyreferencing Spielberg referencing jaws. And to practically prove it, earlier that day I listened to Kuzak on the nerdiest podcast, talking about his favorite quotes from jaws. That is 40, and one way to take the tears of the deep and blend them with the heart of Drewberry more. Drew herself so perfect in the movie, as well as being simultaneously a link to the entire history of the cinema

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