Wednesday, August 10, 2016


At a concert Gen sent me to. Band called hoohawhow (Robert hoohaw.) bored. He was phoning it in. Turn to girl next tome and tell her this is third time I've heard this song today, (arrowsmith cover used for Walmart olympics commercial.) Girl's got a sparkle in her eye. She gives me her Blanket. It's Made out of some sort of sea material. Crackly. Retains its warmth. She remembers my name. I had forgetten hers. Or that I had even given them mine. Intermission. I take blanket and move to the back of venue.  Another woman pulls blanket away, Jewish. She just wants to look at it she says. She tells me she's attracted to it, and that the blanket was curious about her, it was "sniffing" her leg. I'm intrigued. Then same woman has taken her seat again and she's listening to a man on a radio. I overhear. He tells her, "you have to pretend to believe until you feel engaged." I interject, shout back, "that's excellent advice!" Then he says, "thanks for calling in, listener, you've been listening to Small Table on KCCR, please join us again next week."  I decide I want to write all of this down. I ask the girl behind me for a pen, the one in front of me for paper. She only has a few sheets left, but offers anyway. No no, I tell her. I look around and ask someone who has a lot. But then I need a hard surface so I grab the book of boy sitting next to me. Young crowd. He says that's my book. I say I just need it for a writing surface. He is nerdy and shy and says, ok, he says,  and then, that's a really good book, I think you'd like it. short stories. He points out the author's name. Thanks I'm always looking for something to read,  I tell him, but I'm lying. I take note of the name anyway. Looks Scandinavian Wahr, or something like that. The cover has glowing moons on black. Cool cover I tell him. I start to write everything down. At which point I wake up and grab my phone and write everything down.    

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