Saturday, August 20, 2016

Golden to Arvada to Denver to Boulder to Loveland

Woke up at Matthew's place in Golden

went to Marley's game
girls play on nearby playground zip line for hour

then Disc golf with Jeff and Matt: six under...

then Lunch in Denver, sushi burritoes

dancing with girls to Wonderlic at Skyline park.

then to Diandra's new flower shop. Girls get bows. Check out what's become of D Note. See the mouth of logo is only thing left.

Then off to Boulder to see Carmen under the bandshell. Girls drinking fresh squeezed watermelon cherry lemonade. All of us perfectly happy for that minute. Carmen! Free! Outside in the Mountains!

Quick stop afterward to see Tom Peters at the Beat Bookstore on Pearl Street Mall turns into half hour. He berates kids, nervous whole time, begrudges them even the pennies they find on the floor. Complains about everyone, from personal friends of mine, to parents who don't watch their children, Then guilts me into buying two books. One was homage to Phil Whalen book. Not a terrible purchase by any means, just a bit rich right now.

Back to Loveland.

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